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Fantastic Autos terms and conditions

The specifications and designs of all navigation systems and reversing cameras may be subject to change without notice. While every endeavor is made to ensure that items shown accurately depict all navigation systems and reversing cameras, the manufacturer's specifications may change without prior notice as they strive to ensure the highest quality of product is maintained.

As the driver of a vehicle equipped with our systems, you remain solely responsible for all actions relating to road safety. In order to avoid being involved in a traffic accident, or committing a traffic offense, remember that actual road conditions and traffic regulations take precedence over the information contained in the navigation system. Navigation systems are advisory only and should not be used as substitute for your own assessment of prevailing conditions.

Customers may be entitled to a replacement or refund for a major function failure of goods purchased. Customers are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced in accordance with their statutory warranty rights where the goods purchased are found to be faulty. Your statutory rights and any other warranties, implied or expressed, do not apply where damage or failure of the goods has been caused by neglect, non-compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations or instructions, or is the result of willful damage. Anything done to alter, deface or remove serial numbers, other manufacturer identifiers, or where installation and adjustments have been carried out without the expressed consent and in accordance with all instructions furnished by Fantastic Auto, will void any and all warranty claims in respect of these products.