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Car GPS about us

Fantastic Auto Pty Ltd was established more 14 years ago to meet a growing demand for innovative and high quality automotive accessories in the Australian market.  Our success has been built upon the supply of vehicle specific accessories that utilise the very latest in cutting edge electronics technology and reliability, while also being fully compliant with the particular vehicle manufacturers specifications.  An important feature of all our products is that installation utilises the vehicle manufacturers original features and facilities so that there is no noticeable alteration to your vehicles appearance.  Installation is only carried out by our specially contracted and highly skilled contractor network throughout Australia.  They in turn are also backed up by our specialist qualified technical staff.  Regardless of where you live in Australia our comprehensive, prompt and friendly customer support is assured at all times.  We are here to assist our customers accessorise their vehicles to the personal levels they need that will fully meet the variety and enjoyment of their particular lifestyle demands.